Hebrew Scriptures: From my notes 1

Hebrew Scriptures

I should begin by introducing myself. I am a former student of Rabbi Dr. Davis. I am Japanese person who is supposed to be a Buddhist. “Supposed to be” indicates I am not serious about Buddhism but follow some traditional Japanese customs, which relate to Buddhism ritual.

Why did I join the class “Jewishness of Jesus” taught by Rabbi Dr. Davis? It is because I heard his class was going to be very good.  It was true. Not only I learned about Jesus but also understand what are American thoughts.  In addition, I found the fact: I am a Buddhist.

Here are my notes from class. I am going to write on this blog because I don’t want to forget what I learned. Because I don’t have Christian background, I might not understand correctly. Please let me know if you found a mistake in my notes.

The bible

English: New World Translation of the Hebrew S...

English: New World Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures by the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society, New York Nederlands: Nieuwe Wereldvertaling van de Hebreeuwse geschriften uitgegeven door het Wachttoren-, Bijbel, & Traktaatgenootschap, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Hebrew Scriptures has same number of old testament
    • Genesis to Malachi
    • But the order is different from old testament
  • 39 or 24 books–depending on scholars
  • Tree large categories: Torah, Nevi’m, and Ketubim
    • Torah (English)—5 books
      • In the Greek “Pantateuch”… meaning “Five” in English)
        • Breshith (Genesis)
        • Shmot (Exodu)
        • VaYikra (Leviticus)
        • Bemidbar (Numbers)
        • Devarim (Deuteronomy)
      • In Hebrew “Chumash” … means “Five’
      • In Hebrew (all text goes from right to left)
      • First important word in a first sentence is what the book is called (Reference: Kolel)
        • e.g., Bereshith (First verse in the book), Shmot (First verse in the second book)
      • 12 chapter—starts with Abram (the first Jew), but the first 11 chapters are about creation.
    • Nevi’m
    • Ketubim

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