About this Website

Rabbi Dr. Davis & Barrett Honors

This site was created by one of Honors students, Kiyomi Reinhart from Arizona State University (ASU) West,  to give Barrett Honors students information about a special class taught by Rabbi Dr. Davis. (This site is not a Rabbi Dr. Davis’ official site but helps you knowing about Dr. Davis and his seminars.)

In 2012, Kiyomi was wondering what Honors’ class she should take. As an Honors student, she had to take a special class designed exclusively for Honors student. If her adviser, Liz, did not recommend Dr. Davis’ class, she would never consider to take the course, Jewishness of Jesus, because  little information about Dr. Davis was available other than he is Rabbi. Unlike other professor, Dr. Davis did not have his website. The class was the best class Kiyomi had ever taken since she enrolled at ASU. Although she was not a Christian or  Jewish, the class gave her a chance to think about who she is and what religion means to her and people in the U.S. “Dr. Davis is truly an amazing teacher! More Barrett students should take his class and have a great experience like I had. What can I do to lead more students to his class?” In 2013, at the end of the spring semester, Kiyomi created a website to give some information about the Honors class for future Dr. Davis’ Barrett students with the hope of increasing the number of students taking his class.

Osher Life Learning Institute (OLLI)

After graduating from ASU, Kiyomi is still following Dr. Davis and taking his class provided by Osher Life Learning Institute. The difference from the Honors class is that the OLL students are matured people who had a lot of life experiences, yet the same thing is happening: the students taking his class are attracted by Dr. Davis. Now, Kiyomi is hoping to provide more information about Dr. Davis’ lecture for OLLI students.

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