Course Discription

Contents will be changed in 2014. Following is the Spring 2013 course contents

Spring Semester: January 9th through May 8th 2013

Jewishness of Jesus

1. Introduction

  • Ancient Israel
  • The Hebrew Scripture

2. Israel Becomes Like the Nations

  • The Throne of David
  • Israel’s National Epic
  • Prophetic Troubles of Israel
  • Fallen is the Virgin Israel
  • Judah’s Covenant with Death
  • The Rediscovery of Mosaic Torah
  • The Doom of the Nations

3. The Covenant Community is Renewed

  • By the Waters of Babylon
  • The Dawn of a New Age
  • A kingdom of Priests
  • The Praises of Israel
  • The Beginning of Wisdom
  • The Unfulfilled Drama

4. The Life and Death of Jesus

  • From Theocracy to Commonwealth
  • From Commonwealth to Roman Province
  • Social Classes and Social Strife
  • The Two Sangedrins
  • Parties, Sects and Philosophies
  • The Gospels as Sources
  • The Sermon on the Mount
  • Jesus’ Controversies with the Pharisees
  • The Trial and the Crucifixion

Required Reading

  1. The Bible: Hebrew Scriptures,  New Testament
  2. Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews (Author: Paula Fredriksen)
  3. What Crucified Jesus? Messianism, Pharisaism and the Development of Christianity (Author: Ellis Rivkin)
  4. The Changing Faces of Jesus (Author: Geza Vermes)