Study Guide

11th century Hebrew Bible with targum, perhaps...

11th century Hebrew Bible with targum, perhaps from Tunisia, found in Iraq: part of the Schøyen Collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

דוגמא לגופן "פרנק-ריהל" הגופן ששימש ...

דוגמא לגופן “פרנק-ריהל” הגופן ששימש לדוגמא: Frank-Ruehl, של קולמוס. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Indeed, Rabbi Dr. Davis’ class is wonderful, but if you expect a good grade from his class, you should study hard! Here is some advice for you.

  1. Read textbooks: Hebrew Scripture & New Testament
  2. Listen to Rabbi Dr. Davis carefully and take notes
  3. Ask questions & Email Rabbi Dr. Davis if you have trouble to understand
  4. Review your notes and Hebrew Scripture before taking a mid term exam (In 2013, Mid term exam was in-class essay!)
  5. Enjoy every class!